How i am suppost to install GNOME?

Is there a official gnome operating system I can install? or is it a desktop environment? ( i tried Ubuntu and Arch Linux, but all didn’t have the features that I’ve watched in "GNOME 3.36 Trailer " ) soooo, or is there a specific operating system (like fedora??? ) that im suppose to install to get the maximum features from gnome? Thank you! ( ALSO I HAVE NO CLUE ANYTHING ABOUT GNOME, i just like how it looks and features it gives you.)

How to install GNOME typically depends on your Linux distribution; in many cases, like Fedora and Ubuntu, GNOME is the default environment.

GNOME 3.36 has just been released, and it’s available only on either rolling release distributions, like SUSE Tumbleweed or Arch; or in development branches of Linux distributions, like Fedora 32 and Ubuntu 20.04.


Do we have a repository (like MySQL maintains) for Debian related distros to get latest GNOME products? If not why not make one (like tell me the demerits why it wasn’t/won’t be done)?

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