How does your desktop look? Share it with us!

Hello all !
We all love tweaking our desktop’s theme and icons. In fact, that is something I regularly do, because I believe in A good environment makes you more productive. And apart from that, I love to see how others’ desktop looks. It’s all fun ^^.

The picture could be in any format (mostly we would use the default PrtSc button). But there are certain guidelines on what should be there in picture.

1. It should be full-screen Don’t crop the picture or snap only a particular window. The picture should be complete, covering the entire desktop.

2. Use screenshot The app to take screenshot could be anything, but avoid taking picture of your desktop using phone or camera and sharing the same with us.

3. Files (or any File Manager) and Terminal are must Please populate the desktop with windows from Files (with HOME folder open) and Terminal. In Terminal, run the command neofetch (or other alternatives to it) and make sure the screenshot covers both the app windows.
The requirement of neofetch in Terminal is that it answers frequent questions about theme, icons etc. Keeping the Files window shows how the icons look. You can use any other app in place of Files, if it could display a lot more icons (like drop-down application menu).

Please ensure that none of your private info leaks out by the screenshot. (For example, some people don’t like sharing their user-account name)
That’s it. Share it and let’s find out how cool our desktops look :smile:

Here is how mine looks :

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