How do I turn off pop-up (tooltips) (in Krusader)?

I use Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS and as I understand the default desktop GUI is Gnome.
I use an app called Krusader. But there is an annoyance which I am told is governed by GNOME. The problem is when I hover the cursor over a file name, a big yellow window pops up showing details about the file. I can’t figure out how to turn off these pop-up windows?

Krusader is a KDE app using Qt — Who directed you to GNOME?

I was told that these pop-ups are created by the GUI and not by Krusader itself. And since I have not installed any new GUI I presumed it is GNOME. So where do I find the settings?

Tooltips in an app come from the app, if a setting exists it’ll be in Krusader

That’s contrary to what the people in the Krusader forum said: Krusader: How to disable pop-up file info windows? • KDE Community Forums

You mean System Settings → Workspace → General Behavior? That’s seems to be a KDE-specific setting. Maybe you can edit some ini file manually, iirc (not 100% sure) KDE uses those to store settings.

I know it’s frustrating to be bounced around, but rest assured GNOME does not have any settings for configuring how tooltips work in KDE applications. I don’t think you’ll find much help here, sorry. The KDE forums were a much better place to ask as the people there are experts on KDE software and we are not.

I don’t know if there is some talking at cross purposes here, but here is the answer from the other - KDE - forum:

"they sent you here because they think you talk about tooltips of Krusader, but it is the System tooltips you seem to have a problem with, and those are depending on the gtk theme you use. Tooltips on hover do not exist in Krusader AFAIK "

So the claim seems to be that the pop up is created by the ‘GTK theme’ and that this is something outside of KDE?

The GTK theme only determines the appearance of elements, it cannot add elements on its own[0].

GNOME also does not have “system tooltips”. Those appear to be either a KDE or QT feature, and you’ll have to find the KDE-specific way of disabling them as they are not exposed in GNOME settings (unsurprisingly, given that GNOME itself doesn’t have any notion of “system tooltips”).

In general, the desktop has no knowledge of windows’ content. That is, we can tell that the pointer is inside a window, but nothing beyond that (like “hovering over a filename”).

[0] I can’t speak for QT styles, which is what krusader actually uses. It may be the case that adwaita-qt has its hand in this, but that’s not a GNOME project.

The concept of “system tooltips” doesn’t even make sense. How could we possibly inject tooltips into an application? Why would we do so? What would they say…?

It might help if you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing using the Screenshot application. You will likely need to take a screenshot of your entire screen rather than of the window, because tooltips are usually implemented as separate surfaces and won’t appear in the screenshot of a single window.

Thank you for the last 2 answers! I have ‘forwarded’ the info to the KDE forum…
It doesn’t seem possible to catch those pop ups on a screen shot. I just tried.

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