How do I know what program captures "Audio Play" media key?

I’m experiencing an intermittent issue where media keys like “audio play/pause” or “next/prev track” stop working. In order to provide a quality bug report I feel like I need to know what program is capturing them if there are any.

How do I do that?


I have a similar issue that I suspect is caused by It is
supposed to be fixed in 3.34.

Looks like it, thank you. Shame it wouldn’t be ported to 3.32.

There are no further releases planned for 3.32, given that 3.34 is going to be out this month.

You can (and should) ask your Linux distribution to cherry pick the fix for its own 3.32 packages, until 3.34 is released and available.

Already tried to backport it to openSUSE TW, the patch didn’t apply cleanly, haven’t had time to look into it closely.

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