How can I help fixing an issue with pygobject

Basically I wrote a gedit plugin (gedit-terminal-enhanced), but found out that the functionality I need the most can’t work since calling libvte’s event_check_regex_simple from a python script always results in a segfault.

After debugging it, I figured out that the bug actually resides in pygobject, and I reported the issue on GitLab (see
Then I managed to fix it for me and submitted that initial fix as a Merge Request (see issue above).

I’m not sure that I got this right, but the thing is… I got no response there for over 5 months, while others did.

Have I done something wrong? That MR is probably far from complete as I don’t know how to test it, however the lack of feedback makes me unable to proceed and improve my contribution.

I’m still willing to help with this issue since I use that plugin a lot, but more importantly, this bug makes the plugin unusable for others. Is there anything I could do now?

BTW: I have a similar story with a GTK issue, but I’m not capable of fixing that one by myself

From looking at the contributor graph, it looks like it’s mostly one maintainer active (@creiter). It’s a pretty common for maintainers to get overwhelmed and either forget about older MRs or just prioritize more critical issues.

Usually the best thing to do here, is CC @someone in an issue and gently remind them an MR is ready for review or in need of some guidance. If that project has an IRC channel (irc://, you might also find someone there to help.

Thanks for the suggestion @andyholmes, I’ll try doing that.