How can i follow gimp discussions?

I’ve allready used discourse a lot for other softwares,
but there are so many topics on gnome discourse that i feel lost.

Am i right to understand that there is no “Gimp” category, but a general “Application” category and a #gimp tag ?

How can i best use the discourse so as to follow discussions on gimp in the simplest way ?
How can i post a question about gimp in such a way that it appear where it best should ?
Are there explanation somewhere on how to use the tool ?

#gimp #discourse #howto

You can go to the tag Topics tagged gimp and use that page to keep appraised or, click the little bell icon in top right and set it to watching and that way you’ll be notified (here if online, by email if offline) of new posts on that tag. You can also manage what you are notified for in preferences.

To make a new topic for gimp set appropriate category and tag it gimp. Likely it will often be Application category. The gimp tag will automatically be set when you click New Topic from the above page.

Maybe this is useful: Discourse New User Guide - users - Discourse Meta.

For just about any topic/category on discourse you can also append .rss|.json if you want to get a feed you can put into an RSS reader.

Like this:

Do folks still use RSS feeds?


I’ve figured out how to get notified on new gimp posts, but what I’m really after is a weekly summary just for gimp posts.

I have other discourse accounts that send me top topics of the week (like, but I would like for it to be only gimp.

Is it possible to get digests of only posts that are tagged gimp?

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Thanks, that’s perfect.
I’ll read via Thunderbird and i can unsubscribe from gimp tag in discord settings.

Is there no gimpdev view anymore ?

You can go to your account’s Preferences, select Email, and ask for a weekly summary of the activity in your tracked tags and categories.

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Sounds reasonable, but I’m not seeing that option. Could you post a screenshot?

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