Help with building gnome-calendar

Dear all,
I would like to contribute to gnome-calendar, but as a complete beginner (in everything), I need some help.

I have managed to find a bug and fix it – using gnome-builder and following the newcomers’ guide, it works like a charm. Now I would like to submit my fix. The file says to run meson test -C <builddir>. I guess builddir here is the directory _build, however, meson complained that _build is not a meson build directory (I guess builder does some flatpak thingy). So here I did the dumb thing: just erase the directory and do meson setup _build. Now I can run the test. However,

  • Now gnome-builder does not compile anymore – I guess I broke the flatpak setup. How do I revert?
  • The command meson compile -C _build runs, and I naïvely thought the executable it creates is _build/src/gnome-calendar. However, when running that executable it seems that my fixes are simply not present. What’s going on? What about the tests then?
  • Also I guess there is an actual not-dumb-way to run the tests, how should I have done it?

Thanks a bunch for the help,

On the left sidebar in builder, there’s a “Unit tests” folder where you can run tests (even with the flatpak)

Thanks a lot, found it!

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