Help bringing CSD into Electron Wayland

Hi all, Electron is working in Wayland support. They are still struggling with CSD and PipeWire integration. I suggested them to implement CSD using GTK, given that GTK CSD is quite properly integrated into other non-GTK based environments like Plasma. I think this is the opportunity to have an important segment of apps do cool things with header bars as they do in major platforms. For example, VSCode sets the titlebar the same color of the editor’s theme background in MacOS while in Linux, well, at best an extension calls xprop to change between dark/light theme variants in X/XWayland. The pieces are there and we are always said that this should be properly implemented upstream, not hacked downstream, so this is the moment to do that. The CSD issue is tracked in, it would be great if someone with experience in GTK and/or Electron could help. Thanks!

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Note it should somewhat have CSD already by nature of using GtkWindow, what’s being talked about here is custom titles as electron supports on macOS (i.e. using “native” buttons on top of custom content)

Additionally a couple of issues (albeit with lots off-topic comments and misinformation) already exist with various information on how electron could implement this

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