Headerbar thickness

One of the major stereotypes about GTK apps is that the client-side headerbars always end up looking very thick and blocky. Most of this can be remedied with CSS, reducing paddings and margins, but in some cases, this does not work well.
Examples are for instance ‘maps’, which allows for a very thin headerbar, while the one in ‘gedit’ remains very persistent when I tried to reduce the size.

Am I missing some obvious strategy to reduce the thickness via CSS?
Are there maybe some non-CSS properties that have to be set, or some widgets that need not to be packed into the headerbar to keep it slim?

Headerbars usually contain buttons and buttons also have padding.

And look here: https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkHeaderBar.html#gtk-header-bar-set-subtitle

Some themes may set the min-height property on headerbars so it may help by resetting it.

Nice! The ‘has-subtitle’ property indeed did the trick. Setting it to false allows to adjust the thickness very well via CSS.
Of course, in my example of gedit this does not make sense, as it actually sets a subtitle.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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