GtkTreeView expander not working on my app

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I have a GtkTreeView developed with Glade. I originally implemented it with Gtk-Perl. Am now in process of porting to C. In C, when the GtkTreeStore is populated, the expanders will not work. They worked in Perl. I basically translated the Perl code to C, and I believe I have duplicated the steps. It’s populated from a database, and, if I call gtk_tree_view_expand_all(), the data is there. The window acts as if its sensitivity is turned off, but I cannot find anything about sensitivity for a TreeView. Below is part of code - I eliminated the code for the mainline data for brevity and clarity, but if I try the part I’ve provided, I still get disabled expanders. I may have eliminated some variable definitions but here is the code:

This is a MenuItem Activate callback. It’s probably something evident but I cannot figure it out.

on_full_itemized_list1_print(GtkMenuItem *mi, GtkTreeView *view)
    PGconn       *myConn;
    GtkTreeStore *model = GTK_TREE_STORE(gtk_tree_view_get_model(view));
    GPtrArray    *expanded_rows = NULL;
    gchar        *IncExp[] = {"inc", "exp", NULL};
    gchar       **inex = IncExp;

    while (*inex != NULL)
        gchar yr[10];
        GtkTreeIter topIter; 

        // Create top iter

        if (PQntuples(cgyRslt) > 0)
            GString *ttl;
            ttl = g_string_new(yr); 
                   (strcmp(*inex, "inc") == 0) ? " INCOME" : " EXPENSE");
            gtk_tree_store_append(model, &topIter, NULL);
            gtk_tree_store_set(model, &topIter, 0, ttl->str, -1);
            g_string_free(ttl, TRUE);

        for (int thisCgy = 0; thisCgy < PQntuples(cgyRslt); thisCgy++)
            PGresult *listRslt;
            gchar cgyName[50];

            strncpy(cgyName, PQgetvalue(cgyRslt, thisCgy, 1), sizeof(cgyName));

            if ((listRslt != NULL) && (PQntuples(listRslt) > 0))
                GtkTreeIter cgyNameItr, monthIter;
                gchar markupCgyName[50];
                // Set a Category name Iter
                gtk_tree_store_append(model, &cgyNameItr, &topIter);
                gtk_tree_store_set(model, &cgyNameItr, 1, cgyName, -1);

        ++inex; // Last line in LOOP

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