GtkScrolledWindow auto-scroll during drag-n-drop

Is there some built in way to make scrolled windows autoscroll when dragging during a DnD operation towards their edges?

This seems like what would be a common operation for apps that support dragging and dropping things into scrollable containers. Here is an example from Zrythm:


I am initiating a drag from the GtkTreeView and I want to drop the row inside that container, which is structured roughly as:

    - box 1
    - box 2
    - box 3
    - box 4
    - box 5
    - box 6
    - box 7
    - box 8
    - box 9

Each box accepts a drag, however I’d expect the scrolled window to auto-scroll since I am dragging something within its bounds close to its edges. Is there built in functionality for this or would I have to implement drag motion handlers and change the scrolled window’s GtkAlignment manually?

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The GtkTreeView in nautilus ( GNOME Files ) list view does seem to scroll on drag drops, when moved towards the edge.

You can take a look at it.


thanks! I found some autoscroll code in nautilus-dnd.c, so I guess there isn’t a built in way to do it and would need a custom implementation. the nautilus code seems to do roughly what I imagined

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I think 'GtkScrolledWindow' should probably support this feature.

Maybe GTK devs can clarify that part.


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