Gtkmm4 installation

Hi, I am looking for gtkmm4 installation for linux and windows.

  1. Linux:
    It says here: that I should easily find the the linux installation at my distributer’s. I’m using Linux 18.04 and there is no such package. I checked for 18.04, 20.04 and 20.10 with no results. Where can I find it?
  2. Windows:
    I found Msys2 package here: but I encountered some compilation errors due to enum values in gtkmm and its dependencies:
  • The enum class AxidUse in enums.h contains a value named ‘IGNORE’ that conflicts with a define directive in windows API’s WinBase.h line 729:
  • #define IGNORE 0 // Ignore signal
  • enum class Glib::IOStatus::ERROR conflicts with #define ERROR 0 in wingdi.h
  • region.h contains enum class Cairo::Region::Overlap::IN and Cairo::Region::Overlap::OUT
  • context.h contains enum class Operator Cairo::Context::Operator::IN and Cairo::Context::Operator::OUT
  • Both values are also defined by windows headers: wincrypt.h and minwindef.h
    Please help me use gtkmm4

gtkmm4 ( gtk4 ) was released only 2 months ago ( 2020-12-20 ). So, it is normal to be not present in most linux distros.

Refer for distros which ship gtkmm4 ( latest versions are in green )

If you want to develop against the latest gtkmm, you can use jhbuild. It saves a lot of time.


I had a lot of problems building gtkmm4 on linux, jhbuild alone didn’t cut it, and I had to use meson and ninja. I now need to replace my workstation and I don’t want to go through all that ordeal again.
In addition on windows I had to remove my app from the toolchain.
I worked with QT for years and I have never had to spend so much time on setting up the development tools.
Any prediction how long will it take to have some installers out?

You need to be more specific here. That normally should not be the case. How do you build ?

Having said that, more generally, if you are facing build issues for a project, you should look into how your distribution builds the package.


For fedora, you can look here
For arch, you can look here

If nothing works out, you can file bugs at


Installers for what?

If you want to have packages for Ubuntu, you’ll have to ask Ubuntu. GNOME developers don’t typically package things for downstream distributors—unless, of course, they also happen to be downstream packagers in their day jobs.

If you’re looking for packages for Windows, there are no plans to provide them from upstream.

I don’t understand. I’ve clearly mentioned that gtkmm4 is very recent. Either you should be equipped to know how to tackle issues, if you are planning to work on bleeding edge libraries, or stick to the stable library versions that are shipped as part of your linux distribution.

Any prediction how long will it take to have some installers out?

Depends on your distribution.

You should file downstream bugs in your linux distribution, if that’s important to you. This is not normally required, as ‘New version of X is available’ bugs are filed by bots.


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