as just mentioned by mr baedert.

I have never used gestures before, so a few questions.

Is left mouse button double click a preferable option for advanced user interaction compared to right button click in modern GTK/Gnome as mouse may have no right button any more?

When I use GtkGestureMultiPress for a GtkButton, do I then just ignore the Button clicked signal?

And can I use GtkGestureMultiPress for a GtkLabel? Because when I remember correctly, in old days label had no event box by default. So is connecting GtkGestureMultiPress enough, or would I first have to create and add an event box?

Sorry for these stupid questions, I think google or testing may answer them as well. But on the other hand, this thread can teach readers some modern GTK.

I think “modern” applications consider both right-click and double-click bad.

For left-clicks you can still use the clicked signal, but for whatever else you’re doing, you’d not use the clicked signal.

Your still have to do the eventbox dance in gtk3.

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