GtkExpander's arrow does not visible in Windows

I have an issue in GtkExpander widget using under Windows 7. When I develop user innterface, arrow is visible and working. When I load glade file to my application the expander is working, but the arrow is not visible. How to fix this issue?

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How did you get the Gtk libraries on Windows? Are you using MSYS2 or something else like vcpkg?

Thank you) Definitly, It was MSYS2.

Hi Igor! Some icons needed by Gtk are not included in the Gtk DLL but are loaded at runtime. So you need the Adwaita Icon Theme. The Adwaita Icon Theme is already included in all MSYS2 installations, so no step is required when you launch applications from the MSYS2 shell.

Instead if you are going to distribute the application by copying the exe and all the dependent dlls in a directory you need to also ship the Adwaita Icon Theme there.

Thank you! I will try this.


I had copied folder C:\msys64\mingw64\share\icons (contains Adwaita)
to folder MyApplication\share and Gtk Expander became good looking.


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