GtkEntryCompletion: complete when the user presses TAB

I have a GtkEntry with inline autocompletion enabled (gtk_entry_completion_set_inline_completion() called with true). Everything works well, but I would like that by pressing the TAB key the following happens:

  • if an inline completion is being shown: use it for completing the GtkEntry; do not propagate the key-pressed event
  • if no inline completion is being shown: propagate the event (move to the next field in this case, since that is the normal meaning of TAB)

The same behavior is used when one presses Ctrl + l in Nautilus and a GtkEntry for the path is shown.

What strategy do I have to follow?


I have found the solution. I will post it here in case anyone wants to do the same. All I had to do was to check if a text selection was present and then decide to propagate the TAB key-press event or simply confirm the completion.

static gboolean gtk_entry_forward_controller_key_pressed (
	GtkEventControllerKey * const controller,
	guint const keyval,
	guint const keycode,
	GdkModifierType const state,
	gpointer const v_entry
) {

	int start_pos, end_pos;

	if (
		keyval == GDK_KEY_Tab &&
	) {


		return true;


	return false;


static void activate (
	GtkApplication * const app,
	gpointer const user_data
) {

	/*  ...  */

	GtkWidget  * const entry = gtk_entry_new();

	/*  ...  */

	GtkEventController * controller = gtk_event_controller_key_new();

	gtk_widget_add_controller(entry, controller);


	/*  ...  */


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