GtkComboBoxText with GtkEntry

I have a GtkComboBoxText widget in GTK4 that has the “has-entry” property.
When, the user selects from the drop-down, the selection appears in the GtkEntry as I would expect, but the text is ‘selected’.
Can this be disabled or can I de-select the text in response to a signal? I tried doing this on the GtkEditable widget when the change signal of the GtkComboBoxText occurs but this did not work.




If you manually focus the entry on response of a signal, you can use Gtk.Entry.grab_focus_without_selecting to avoid selecting.

If you don’t control who/when the focus is requested, try to connect on notify::has-focus signal, and call Gtk.Editable.select_region (0, 0) from the callback.

I was using gtk_editable_select_region( GTK_EDITABLE(wNSentry), -1, -1); in response to the changed signal of the GtkComboBoxText but this didn’t work.

After a bit of Googling, I found a post that implied I needed to first focus on the GtkEntry widget component of the GtkComboBoxText. So, preceding the call with gtk_widget_grab_focus( GTK_WIDGET( wNSentry )); did result in the deselection as I wanted.

It is not intuitive to me that it needs to have focus to select/deselect.


P.S. looks like is down again … (I need to get a local copy of the docs!)