GtkApplicationWindow with dynamic menu labels


I was wondering how to dynamically change menu labels of a GtkApplicationWindow dynamically… In my case I have Undo and Redo menu items that I can enable/disable with g_simple_action_set_enabled, depending on the status of the undo stack, but I have no clue on how to change the label with a message that reflects what would be the action if the Undo/Redo item would be clicked (like e.g. Undo typing).

Any thoughts?



Depending on the language you’re using, you might consider either an object or a struct that ‘captures’ each “do” event. (You would have to decide how granular you wanna get). It could then contain:

  • something descriptive to add into the menu,
  • whatever it took to ‘do’ what was done (which could also serve as ‘redo’ code), and
  • whatever it would take to undo.

Then push/pull those structs/objects on/off the stack.

I implemented something like this in PHP years ago and it worked great.

You cannot modify menu items after adding them to a GMenu. The only way to change a label is to use g_menu_remove() and g_menu_insert(). If you have undo and redo in their own section, you can keep a reference to the section GMenu and use g_menu_remove_all() so you don’t need to specify the item positions. (This is less helpful if you are creating the menu via XML.)

That is interesting and a bit surprising for me, as we have


OK, from

we have

The “insertion” is actually done by copying all of the attribute and link values of item and using them to form a new item within menu .

So modifying can not work indeed.

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