GTK4: Where can I put in FEATURE REQUESTS?


As a developer, I am missing a feature with GTK4:

A wonderful addition would be something clean, such as

gtk_window_move(GTK_WINDOW(win), 300,-100);

which would put the topleft corner of the window 300 pixels from the left side of the current screen and 100 pixels from the bottom.

Could you guys point me to a website/mailinglist/person to whom I could send such a request?

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Moving windows in the global coordinates space cannot be implemented portably on all the windowing systems supported by GTK.

Thank you! That helped.

I alread created two issues, #5204 and #5205.

Yes, I do see the point of adding security…
It hurts though.
A LOT! :frowning:

If you really want this, what is needed is for the window manager to supply an API for positioning windows, not toolkits like GTK. And yes, this does mean a standard would have to be created and all window managers would have to implement it.

I think it is possible, at the least on xorg-server (I think?). Ebassi, if I
recall correctly, gave the necessary steps to do. And others got it
to work (I did not try as hard as others but it was possible for them).
I used .move() in ruby-gtk3 to position the window in top left corner.
Usually I have a method that checks “if I am on my home system”,
then I call the .move(0, 0), so that for my own setup I can have it
on the top left area (it’s just more convenient for me to always know
it is top left; so by a custom query I can ensure this is on my home
setup for me, whereas others can adhere to the default values).

Gitlab issues are a bit harder to use than github issues - at the least for
me. Not sure if others have had a similar impression but I found the
gitlab issue tracker a bit more cumbersome. Github is a bit less “formal”.
But this may depend on who is using the tracker and personal preferences to
of course.
The “window manager versus toolkit” discussion may be valid from the point
of view of “this is not the job of the toolkit”, but this then is also equivalent to
not making available functionality that was available in the past. Since .move()
yields benefits for me, it would be to accept a reduced functionality, so in this
context gtk3 is better than gtk4, even if the reasoning that is given is more
logical and consistent.
My really big gripe so far with gtk4 is the changed input/event handling. I
haven’t understood it yet. I’ll give it a try at some later time, hopefully
others who have figured it out can explain it (and, mind you, I often don’t
even understand the explanations. I kind of understand them best when
I e. g. read python code and then adapt it).

It has always been unreliable for clients to move their own windows in X11. The window manager can just ignore or override those commands. The only way to guarantee the window manager responds correctly is for the window manager to implement its own API.

The functionality that was there in GTK3 was unreliable and was always reduced, so I don’t see it as much of a problem that it was removed.

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