Gtk4 set window hint to utility or dock

How do I set window hint in gtk4. Especially in gtk4-rs

See the functions in gdk4_x11::X11Surface to set hints. You will have to downcast the GdkSurface to a X11Surface, and this will only work if using X11.

fn set_hint(surface: &gdk::Surface) {
    if let Ok(surface) = surface.downcast::<gdk4_x11::X11Surface>() {


You can call xid on an X11Surface to get the underlying X11 window if you want to do xlib stuff

Gdk4 generally expects you to use platform-specific calls when doing platform-specific stuff, if nothing else to avoid confusion when a call becomes a noop on other platforms (as much of the old GdkWindow API did)

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