Gtk4 Icon in GtkHeaderbar is still very tiny

Is there already some progress for issue Gtk4 Icon in GtkHeaderbar is very tiny for 27 inch 4k display?

As my 27-inch display died, I have now a 32-inch 4k monitor, which is indeed much better for a Gnome desktop. The mouse pointer and scrollbars are OK by default, and with text scaling of 150%, all is mostly fine. So I launched my old sdt tool again, after a long period of inactivity. Unfortunately, the icons are still tiny, it is nearly impossible to see what it is.

This is my code:

    var builder = newBuilderFromString(useNewDelMenuData)
    var menuModel: gio.MenuModel = builder.getMenuModel("menuModel2")
    var menu = newPopoverMenu(menuModel)
    let menuButton = newMenuButton()

And this is the icon:

locate applications-graphics

My feeling is, that the /usr/share/icons/Adwaita/16x16/categories/applications-graphics-symbolic.symbolic.png is used. There is no way to select others, see Gtk.MenuButton.set_icon_name. And the icon is black&white now, I think it had colors in the past.

I think the tiny icons are not related to my own (wrong) program code. I launched a few Gnome tools like Gnome Text Editor and Evolution mail program, and both have also these tiny icons in the header bar. And I launched Gnome-Icon-browser, to verify that most Icons have lost their colors, and are black & white now. And I think that only pixel-perfect 16 and 32-pixel icons exist. As 32 pixels is already too large, the 16-pixel variant is used. So no bug. I think the best solution is to use only icons with fewer details. But generally, I wonder why all the Unicode font symbols scale fine, but icons can not scale.

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