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I guess the subject says most of it, but in case, I cannot find any forum for GTK-related questions.
I am stuck in a threads/gtk_gl_area_queue_render() problem in GTK4. Is there any place for these types of questions?


This is the place for discussions about any supported major version of GTK.

If you want a more immediate form of communication, I recommend joining the GTK channel on matrix.

I’d like to point out that we’re all volunteers, here, so there cannot be any expectation of an answer.

Thank you. Actually, it’s thanks to you and what you wrote about using gtk_gl_area… that I am at all into this. I eventually got a very useful program out of it for gtk3 which I now am in the process of re-writing from scratch for gtk4.

As much as I could understand from the docs, gdk is not to be used (if at all possible).

My problem is that I relied on gdk_threads_add_idle_ and now, I am trying to make it work with g_idle_add_… and this is not working out for gtk_gl_area_queue_render (while it does work for text widget that I use)

The “wrong” thing, namely calling gtk_gl_area_queue_render() from a thread works better (took me a long time to notice that it does not always work ) than going through g_idle_add(), which almost never works.

I suspect I have missed some documentation. So the question is what is the proper way from within a thread, to make sure that the GLArea callback runs, presumably by calling gtk_gl_area_queue_render (I guess)?

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