[GTK4 C Windows] Meson build on Windows MSys failed on glib Iconv dependency

Hello, I am currently trying to compile my GTK4 C application on Windows using Meson on Msys console.
I have my main.c into a directory where there is a meson.build file and a subprojects directories with gtk4 dependencies. But when I run the meson setup, it stops on error :

../DEPL2/subprojects/glib/meson.build:2038:2: ERROR: Dependency "iconv" not found, tried builtin and system

When I built with meson on MSVC console I didn’t have this error, is there something I must install ? (where iconv displays “C:\msys64\usr\bin\iconv.exe”)

Well, to make the meson build work I needed to start from a fresh install of the development tools involved. My problem was that I first developed my application on Linux, then on Windows I adapted it to MSVC needs and I cropped it with bugs that made memory leaks appear. Now I’m restarting from scratch and this time I go step by step and check at each step that is works on both platform.

Hello Gilbert! Be sure to use one of the MinGW shells, like e.g MSYS2 MinGW UCRT x64

Thank you, That’s what I did.

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