GTK3 dims when loss of mouse focus

I have programmed many projects in C using GTK2 over the years and now I thought I would try GTK3.

When I create a simple GTK3 gui in C (the hello world demo for example) and move the mouse to focus another window it dims shading the entire GTK3 window. This happens for all widgets except for a textview. If I do this under GTK2 I dont get this behavior - the window stays the same - the window manager’s decorations shade of course. How do I get it work like GTK2?

I am running xfce4 and debian buster…
I must be missing something silly.

The change in appearance when the window loses focus (“backdrop” state) is part of the theme; the default theme in GTK3 (“Adwaita”) supports this.

GTK2 does not support this functionality, so it can’t behave like GTK3.

Thank you so much for the quick response. The answer is “backdrop”. Its easy enough to locally define window:backdrop as a css provider. That defeats the backdrop feature. Works.

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