Gtk3 broadway without server

Hi Im trying to open a GTK3 app with brodway without broadwayd (dont want a server for multiple programs just one app like doc says I want to free all resources posibles because is a High Demand app usualy droping frames).

I couldent get working on debian testing, with broadwayd server go well. ¿Is posibol?

Steps to reproduce. In a terminal:

GDK_BACKEND=broadway gedit

Instead the console keep bussy it go to add new command and give a gtk warning (gedit:22128): Gtk-WARNING **: 00:12:25.426: cannot open display: :0 and nothing show in browser

Hapends in X11 and wayland.

Thanks in advance!

First of all, the broadway server is what is going to send draw commands to the web browser, so you have to run it in order for the Broadway backend to work at all.

You also don’t need multiple server instances: you just need one. Every application can connect to the same broadwayd instance.

I’d like to point out that Broadway is kind of a science experiment, especially in GTK3. You’re basically on your own if you want to use it—and especially if you find bugs and missing functionality. Contributions are welcome.

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