Gtk_show_uri_on_window() never seems to report failure

I’ve updated code in GParted to use gtk_show_uri_on_window() to
display it’s manual in yelp, using URI help:gparted. This is
working fine. However when trying to test a failure case by
removing the yelp exectable, gtk_show_uri_on_window() continues
to report success even though yelp is not launched and the
manual not shown. It returns true and leaves error pointing to

But also the same behaviour of silent failure is happening for
every other GNOME app too when the yelp command is not
available. For example GNOME Files has this code calling
gtk_show_uri_on_wondow(…, “help:gnome-help/files”, …) [1].
However when yelp is not available and the help files are not
shown, the error dialog never appears.


So should gtk_show_uri_on_window() report failure to display a
help: URI if the yelp command is not available?
Or is there a way to make it report failure?

It can’t really, since there’s async calls underneath. gtk_show_uri_on_window() just starts the process and returns.

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