Gtk-fortran 4.0 released

Starting with that 4.0 release, gtk-fortran will follow a classical semantic versioning (instead of following the GTK or Ubuntu versions): gtk-fortran 4.0 is based on GTK 4.2 and GLib 2.68.

It was a hard work to follow the development race here! Concerning gtk-fortran, the preparatory work began in the gtk3 branch on the 24th January 2020. And the gtk4 development branch was created on the 7th May 2020. Thanks to all people having answered my questions here about GTK 4, especially @ebassi !

The wiki documentation of the project has now a Tutorials page with two tutorials. A page about the Python wrapper used to generate gtk-fortran has also been added.

The roadmap for 2021 is:

  • to improve the documentation and write tutorials, update the High Level library documentation for GTK 4.
  • Exploring what the object oriented programming features of modern Fortran could bring to gtk-fortran.
  • We will explore coarrays (the native parallel programming paradigm of modern Fortran): is it possible to use them in a gtk-fortran program? We hope so, as the GUI could be handled by only the first “image”.
  • We also hope that gtk-fortran could become an fpm package (fpm is the new Fortran Package Manager developed by the community).

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