Gtk_entry_set_width_chars() missing for GTK4

I used that function 8 years ago from Ruby, and regarded it as very useful. Google can for find some sort of replacement.

Not sure what you are saying here

There is gtk_entry_set_max_length

Maybe ebassi will know :slight_smile:


Changes the size request of the entry to be about the right size for n_chars characters.

I intended to explain a few GtkEntry functions in

No I perfectly understand " Gtk_entry_set_width_chars() missing for GTK4 […] regarded it as very useful." not sure why you needed width-chars though, ideally your layout already gives the entry enough space


Doesn’t make much sense to me

A lot of GtkEntry API was moved to GtkEditable, as we moved from widgets inheriting from GtkEntry to widgets implementing GtkEditable.

In the case of set_width_chars(), there’s now GtkEditable.set_width_chars().

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Sorry was a typo, should be “Google can’t for it find some sort of replacement.” but it is still bad English.

Ah the GtkEditable interface – totally forgot about it, thanks!

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