GTK design system or library for Figma

Hi Gnome Community,
I’m a UX/UI designer and I’m looking for a GTK library that I can use in Figma. Is there something official? If not, I’d like to build one and I’m wondering where I can found the design specifications of the components that are part of the library. The most close I’ve found is part of the Gnome website but there are no design specs (ex. typography, size, margin, paddings). I’m not a developer but I can read the code, and if there is a way to read them from the code, please point me to an example so that I can understand.


Hi Fabio! So, the Design contrib guide have this mockups. Have this on figma will be awesome. But here the link for the mockups they are in svg format, I hope this help a bit.

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Hi Edgar! Thanks a lot, it’s a good start. I’m checking the resources you posted :slight_smile: Have a nice day.


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