GTK-Critical on a fresh new project with Builder on Linux

Hello, I’m trying to use Builder to improve my application. At first I tried to simply open it as it was (main.c + main.h), but it doesn’t seem to compile with that. So I’m starting from a new project where I will add my existing code, that will certainly help having a more standard code structure and better way to cope with good practices. But here is what the “hello world” created project produces …

I use Ubuntu 22.10 64 bits with Gnome 43, maybe should I get back to Gnome 42 ?

The critical warning is harmless, in this case. Builder does not have a proxy for the accessibility bus when running your application into a Flatpak sandbox. The warning is not going to be emitted if you install the application on your system.

Thank you for this answer. So I can continue and add my code. I must admit that I didn’t understand half of what you say, “a proxy for the accessibility bus … into a Flatpak sandbox” is definitely too technical for me.

The warning is caused by GTK getting the address of the communication channel used for accessibility purposes (e.g. to allow screen readers to access your application). When running your application, GNOME Builder creates a custom sandbox to isolate your application; normally, that would include a proxy capable of routing the accessibility connection from inside the sandbox to the system outside; sadly, that functionality hasn’t been implemented yet, so GTK complains that it cannot connect to the accessibility stack.

This issue is particular to running GTK4 applications inside Builder; if and when you install the application in your system—even in a sandbox—then GTK will be able to connect to the accessibility stack, and you won’t see the warning.

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Contrary opinion: a g_critical() always indicates programmer error and undefined behavior; therefore, a bug report is always appropriate. In this case, the bug is just that the developer chose the wrong severity level: this should probably use g_warning() instead of g_critical().

Of course, hooking up the accessibility bus would be good to do as well, but failure to connect shouldn’t produce a critical.

The contrary opinion is noted, but it’s pointless in this case.

The critical warning is warranted: we have a place where to find the accessibility bus, but there’s no accessibility bus available there.

This is a particular edge case: the accessibility bus is advertised inside the sandbox that Builder creates, but there’s no proxy available because Builder creates its own sandbox instead of using flatpak run, which does create the proxy.

If people want to, they can fix the corresponding issue inside GNOME Builder.

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