Gtk_assistant fails

Trying to use GTkAssistant. Just trying the widget as standard without editing results in this error:

gtk_assistant_set_page_has_padding: assertion 'child != NULL' failed

Please: file an issue detailing:

  • the version of GTK you’re using
  • the windowing system/platform

and attach a small, self-contained example that reproduces the bug.

Will do…

…or maybe not

Here’s the example in case anyone wants to try it:
exampleglade.pdf (3.9 KB) examplepython.pdf (1.2 KB)

You don’t need a new account for GitLab: you can use any other single-sign-on authority, like Google, GitLab, or GitHub.

I’ve got a GitHub account but it wouldn’t have it.

using GitHub auth failed

failed because Email has already been taken.

Try logging in using your username or email. If you have forgotten your password, try recovering it

Sign in Recover password

If none of the options work, try contacting a GitLab administrator.#

Since I’ve now got to the stage of trying to sort out a problem to sort out a problem, I shall give up on it :frowning: Having gone back to using a notebook (I have solved the problems with adding pages by deleting it and starting again), I have discovered that I get a similar error if there are no labels.That isn’t the answer with Assistant as that has labels built-in, but it might be related.

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