GTK 4: how to replace gtk_builder_connect_signals()?

in GTK 4, gtk_builder_connect_signals and gtk_builder_connect_signals_full were removed:

What are your advice to replace those functions ?

Look at GtkBuilderScope, though where possible you should use templates instead of GtkBuilder directly

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To clarify:

  • your language binding will need to implement the GtkBuilderScope interface in an ancillary object
  • the GtkBuilderScope interface provides virtual functions for:
    • determining the GType of a type from its type name (the old GtkBuilderClass.get_type_from_name() virtual function)
    • determining the GType of a type from a function name
    • creating a GClosure for a function name and its arguments (the old GtkBuilderConnectFunc)
  • once you have a GtkBuilderScope implementation, you set it as the scope of the GtkBuilder instance you need to connect signals to

So, for instance, Python bindings would need to create a BuilderPythonScope class that implements GtkBuilderScope, and set it as the scope for the GtkBuilder instance if they want to resolve Python callables to signal handlers.

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Thank you @ebassi and @zbrown for your precise answers.
We will work in that direction.

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