GTK-3 and jhbuild

I got this warning

Gtk-WARNING **: 13:00:15.305: Could not load a pixbuf from /org/gtk/libgtk/theme/Adwaita/assets/bullet-symbolic.svg.
This may indicate that pixbuf loaders or the mime database could not be found.

The file is available in the jhbuild install prefix but not in system one. What is the origin of this warning and how to eliminate it. Could you please help me with this?

You need to build and/or install librsvg in order to load SVG assets.

The /org/gtk/libgtk path is used for resources compiled directly into the GTK shared library, so it’s normal that you won’t find it installed.

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Thanks. That works. On another side, what is the recommended environment for upstream GTK development, e.g. apps and libs.

For applications, you want to look at GNOME Builder and Flatpak.

For libraries, you probably want to look at jhbuild.

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