GTK+2 migrating to GTK+3


I am trying to migrate a project from GTK+2 to GTK+3. Widgets would show correctly in GTK+2. But when I tried to port it to GTK+3 I would see an empty window or now no graphics. Here is some code:

main (int argc, char **argv)
    app = gtk_application_new (an,G_APPLICATION_FLAGS_NONE);
    GApplication *gapp = G_APPLICATION(app);

    g_signal_connect (app, "activate", G_CALLBACK (activate), &margs);

    status = g_application_run (G_APPLICATION (gapp), argc, argv);

    g_object_unref (app);

    return status;


static void
activate (GtkApplication* app, main_args* margs)
[More Code]

    return ;

There’s no reason to cast it here, if you’re also:

Casting it here.

In any case, the “[More code]” bit is likely the culprit, given that the application set up code is correct.

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