Gtester support deprecated in GLib

Hi all,

A quick notification: the gtester utility, and support for its format
for outputting results from unit tests, has been deprecated in GLib.

gtester is a test harness, and has been de-facto deprecated for a
long time, but now it will output deprecation warnings everywhere. We
won’t drop it from GLib until we break API (which is not planned to
happen), but it’s not going to be maintained either.

Instead of gtester, you should be using TAP output and an external
test harness which can parse it. Unit tests now default to using TAP
(unless you run them under gtester):

This was previously available by passing the --tap option to unit
tests — you now no longer need to do that (but it’s harmless to
continue doing so, for backwards compatibility).

TAP is a structured format for passing unit test results from the tests
to the test harness:

It’s supported natively by Meson since 0.50 using the protocol
argument to test():

It’s supported in autotools by using the helper, as
documented on this StackOverflow answer:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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