GSoD 2020 Introduction

Hello, GNOME community,

I’m Sarvottam Kumar (aka ‘sarru1291’ on all social media platforms). Though I’m already active in the Linux and Open source world and also the GNOME project, GSoD 2020 has given me a dedicated opportunity to contribute to the GNOME project with my special and natural writing skills.

Currently, I’m focussing to find and resolve new and already existing issues in docs so that I can also understand the project workflow alongside as early as possible.

In a few days, I’ll pick a project idea and inform the respective mentor so that I can focus on a specific topic and submit how will I work on that.

To sum up, I’m looking forward to contributing more and making GNOME documentation better. I hope I’ll get support and motivation from the community. Also, suggest me the best way to get-go with GNOME.

Before you read about me, I also want to mention that I found a misspelled word in the ‘DocumentationProject/Contributing’ page which I can’t fix as it shows an immutable page for me. Suggest how can I resolve that?

A quick overview of me and my interest in GNOME:

I’m a 4th-year student from BVCOE, New Delhi, India. As of now, I’m working as a Linux and Open source Intern Writer at Fossbytes for the last six months. For my article write-ups, visit here and my personal site here.

As a Linux writer, every day I scroll through mailing lists and distro’s official website (of course GNOME too) to enhance my knowledge of Linux and write an easy-to-read article. Speaking of open source contributions, I’ve also contributed to various projects such as Ubuntu, Qubes OS, and Internet Archive (this one for GSoC 2019 unfortunately not selected).

Though I’ve been on GNOME for the last three years, lately it has interested me a lot. Therefore, last month I decided to give back to the GNOME through part of my programming skills. Oh BTW, I’ve also worked as a software and web developer in my two previous internships.

You may not remember but I’ve also asked for some queries on IRC channel when I started working on gnome-sound-recorder. Back at that time, GNOME also started the Community Challenge, hence, I’m working to submit a solution for that as well.

Amid hearing that GNOME has now been selected for GSoD 2020, I feel like I’m in the right place at the right moment. I can now work on a specific task that was not known to me and kinda feeling stranded. Since I couldn’t apply for GSoC, I’ve chosen GSoD 2020 for GNOME.

Thanks & Regards
Sarvottam Kumar

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