GSConnect is looking for a new maintainer

GSConnect is looking for a volunteer to take over maintainership of the project. Interested parties should comment here so the transfer of relevant permissions and resources can be made.

It’s been a fun ride and I’ve learned a lot, with a lot of help, but it’s time to pass the reigns to someone new. I’ll continue general maintenance until the end of the year (about 3 months), then archive the repository if a volunteer hasn’t come forward.


It might be worth putting this on planet GNOME and reddit and twitter. So that it gets the widest spread possible. I’m fairly sure someone will be interested in maintaining it as it is very useful to the GNOME community.

planet GNOME sounds like a good idea, but I don’t have a blog there :slight_smile:. Some is welcome to do so for me, though.

I decided against posting on reddit, since the general reddit community has an inclination for drama and overreaction. If no one has appeared in awhile I might reconsider, but I wouldn’t discourage someone else from posting there :slight_smile:

we control /r/gnome and so we have some way of dealing with drama through moderation. So I would still encourage you to do so. Many volunteers have come through the reddit community.

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