GSConnect is dropping support for older versions of GNOME

Hi, this is a brief PSA about GSConnect dropping support for older (not current stable) versions of GNOME.

Due largely to an increasing amount of problems especially with GNOME 3.28 it has become obvious that it is time to drop support for older versions of GNOME. Firstly, the disk space to keep their VMs running and the time to properly support them are both unrealistic (at least for me).

It has also meant we’ve been avoiding newer language features and libraries going back over two years now. Aside from awkward JS and GJS polyfills, we’ve had to maintain a number of pure JS implementations of GLib/Gio functions written in C that have been in wide circulation for years.

So the situation is that unless a volunteer offers to maintain support and field bug reports for older versions of GNOME, GSConnect will drop support for them in v28. Please message here or visit Github if you are interested and can commit the necessary time.


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