Google support currently broken?

Since a few hours I get

Google “gobject boxed types”

You don’t have permission to access /gobject/stable/gobject-Boxed-Types.html on this server.

And so I invoke devhelp, but that tools seems to do not support gobject well.

For “g_registered_type_info_get_g_type” I get nothing. Is this a general limitation of devhelp, or is it related to the error messages I get like

devhelp-WARNING **: 09:44:53.780: The file ‘file:///usr/share/gtk-doc/html/libxml2/libxml2.devhelp’ uses the Devhelp index file format version 1, which is deprecated. A future version of Devhelp may remove the support for the format version 1. The index file should be ported to the Devhelp index file format version 2.

I have no idea how to fix these error message.

Well, starting from

I came to which works fine.

I noticed yesterday too:


You don’t have permission to access /gobject/stable/gobject-Boxed-Types.html on this server.

Apache/2.2.15 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80

There has been a new stable release of GLib (2.62.2) but the documentation hasn’t been uploaded yet; it’ll be up as soon as the script that manages runs on the new documentation builds.


This has long since been fixed, clearly, and I don’t wish to stir up trouble, but just as a content-management suggestion: Since it seems that /stable/ is now equivalent to /2.62/ in the documentation tree, couldn’t the breakage have been avoided by leaving /stable/ pointing to /2.60/ until after the /2.62/ upload was complete, then changing the alias/symlink/whatever?

Just a thought for the future, since Google will clearly always be pulling people into whatever’s currently presented as the /stable/ doc tree.

Of course. Feel free to fix the script we use to manage the content from uploaded release archives.

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…Are you just trying to trick me into rewriting your Python 2 code in Python 3, because a year from now you won’t be able to run it anywhere? :wink:

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