Gnome WIKI down

I know I badmouth it a lot, but I didn’t wish dead.

However, as of right now it appears to have met an untimely demise.


(And in the words of DownForEveryone, “it’s not just me”.)

The wiki was down for maintenance, and it’s back up, now.

In general, you want to check the infrastructure status page instead of opening a topic on Discourse.

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That’s the sort of information it would be great to have on the Wiki!

…Oh, wait. Right. #DAMMIT! :man_facepalming:

(And just because I do like to badmouth it, I bet that information isn’t easily locatable on the Wiki! I can already tell you it’s not on the front page, because I checked.)

Thanks for the update.

Except it is on the front page of the wiki…

Yeah, I fixed the main page to include it. :smile: