GNOME Translation Editor 45.alpha0 (aka Gtranslator) now in flathub beta

After more than a year working in the GNOME Translation Editor gtk4 port, and thanks to the work done during the past summer of code and other volunteer work, I’m pleased to announce the first alpha of the app with a modernized interface.

The app can be found in the flathub beta channel as org.gnome.Gtranslator//beta.

GNOME Translation Editor (codename Gtranslator) is an application to edit translation files (.po). The application provides a clean interface to open files and edit them, with some helpers like a translation memory database to help with translations. It also has some integration with the GNOME translation website, so it’s possible to download translation files, edit and upload, directly from the app, without the need of using a web browser.

The development continues in the app gitlab, the plan is to release the version 45.0.0 just a few days after the official gnome relase, so during this time we’re just improving the interface and fixing all issues that we can find there.

Any feedback is welcome, if you find a crash or something that can be improved, feel free to create a new issue in the gitlab page, or ping me directly and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

This is a big release, with a lot of changes in the interface and the codebase. We tried to keep all the core functionality, but we were refactoring the code and removing old things, so it’s possible that something is broken or not possible with the new version.

We tried to modernize the interface to adapt to the GNOME HIG as much as possible and use libadwaita widgets, so any weird interface, widget or form that looks old could be something that we forget about, so please, if you find something weird in the interface, even if it’s “working”, create an issue with screenshots so we can find the missing parts to have the app completely migrated before the actual release.



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