GNOME SysTray / Quck settings does not remember adjustments

Hey Community,

I am new in GNOME, I used to use KDE Plasma but on my Laptop I recently installed openSUSE GNOME edition and I really like it, especially the simplicity of the GNOME DE.

However, some things I find “strange” and I am not sure whether this is “normal” or a “bug” on my system.

Bluetooth settings in SysTray/Quick Menu:

  1. I rarely use Bluetooth on my laptop (only when I connect my Bluetooth mouse or headset, which is very seldom). As such, I want to have it deactivated most of the time: so I did disable it in the Quick-Sys-Tray menu but it does not remember it after a reboot. It is always activated as default… it seems to be. So I have to manually deactivate on every single boot-up. This can’t be right, right? Or is it on purpose ?

Connect a new WiFi over the SysTray Quick-Menu:
2) Next, with connecting a new WiFi : When I tried it the first time over the Sys-Tray-Quick-Menu it allows me to do so but eventually It won’t connect. First I thought I typed in the wrong password (like 10 times or so) until I recognized that apparently the quick-menu doesn’t have the necessary “rights” to do so, which is very confusing - why even provide that possibility when it doesn’t work?. So I did have to go over the normal settings menu to connect a new WiFi.

This this behavior of the GNOME Sys-Tray-Quick Settings normal?

I was just wondering and if so, I would appreciate if someone can confirm that whether this is “normal”.

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  1. The quick settings toggle only changes the current state. Storing/restoring the current state across reboots is supposed to be handled by something like systemd-rfkill. What is the output of systemctl status systemd-rfkill.service?

  2. That’s supposed to work and works here on Fedora 37. What exactly do you mean by not having necessary rights?

Hi Sebastian,

thanks for the reply.

  1. output of systemctl satus systemd-rfkill.service
     Loaded: masked (Reason: Unit systemd-rfkill.service is masked.)
     Active: inactive (dead)

Bildschirmfoto vom 2022-12-28 14-08-00

  1. When connecting to a new WiFi the prompt menu for the password tells something like “…the system rules prevent to edit the network settings…” See attachment.
  1. If the service is masked that would explain why it is not working. Not sure why it is masked though, but that’s something specific to either your distro or your system. Maybe there is some openSUSE forum that could help you with this. It might be enough to use systemctl unmask systemd-rfkill.service and systemctl enable systemd-rfkill.service, but I don’t know much about openSUSE, so maybe that service is masked for a reason and things are supposed to work differently there.

  2. That’s also a distro-specific issue. Apparently the default polkit configuration in openSUSE only allows NetworkManager changes for the root user. An openSUSE specific support forum would also be able to help you better with this.


thank you for your response. That is interesting that it might be related to my system, respectively distro.
I will do so as you suggested and ask in a openSUSE specific forum.

Thank and best regards

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