Gnome Software Center

I think the design of the gnome software center needs a new design like eos software center

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Why? What are your issues with the current design? What kind of changes are necessary? What kind of problems would be solved by adopting a new UI?

You will have to be more specific than just “redesign this stuff to look like something else”.

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The position of the categories is not practical and i have to scroll down to get it
[eos design] The software grid looks more easy and it has a beautiful side withe banner in the background and small detail under the name of the apps and a download indicator

I can see the screenshot—and I know how the Endless app store works. You still haven’t answered the question as to why GNOME should ship it, and what kind of problems it solves. “Let’s take something else” is not really how design works in GNOME.

You should probably start from the software mockups repository, and talk with the design team.

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This looks a lot more clear than GNOME software currently

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Yes that is what I mean

I’d have to agree… EOS Store definetly looks like an improvement from GNOME Software as it is right now. It seems more readable, information is clearer and more organized and it looks surprisingly more Gnomish.

If more people are interested in something like this, please tell. I’m very occupied this week, but I’d love to be more involved with GNOME development, maybe these changes could be my baby steps…

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