GNOME Network Config

I’m very new to Ubuntu and Gnome but having an issue with connectivty in Gnome, specfically software updates.

I can SSH to Ubuntu and RDP to Gnome successfully and can open Firefox and browse without any issue.

I can install, remove and update in the CLI without issue.

I am unable to update in Gnome using the Snap Store, I get No Connection - Go online to check for Update and a button that says Network Connections but when clicked does nothing. I can install and Uninstall from the Snap Store.

If I go into software and updates it tells me I need to go online.

If I go into Advanced Network Connection there’s no connections configured.

I’m running Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and Gnome 42.4.

Can anyone give me any help on fixing this issue please?

Thanks in advance.



Better to ask on an Ubuntu forum, as the Snap Store is not GNOME supported software.

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