GNOME Gitlab showing only error pages (status 500)?

Not sure this is the right place, but… even though reports it as “Operational” (technically true, I suppose), is currently showing me a 500 error page for every request I make.

We’ve progressed through 502 error pages, and have now arrived at browser-generated 503 Service Unavailable status messages, a journey which has all the hallmarks of a server that’s currently in the process of being rebooted. Looks like someone’s on the case.

However, I’ve now discovered a completely different problem, one that explains why is still reporting all-clear:


That’s… eight days ago!? Not exactly useful.

The page is meant to show infrastructure outages, known or otherwise; temporary states are not reflected there.

If you want to report an infrastructure issue, and you cannot use GitLab to do that, then you can join the #sysadmin IRC channel—either directly or through Matrix.

Ah, my mistake, I was mistaking it for more of a status-monitoring dashboard, though it sounds like a better description would be a downtime calendar.

(The Gitlab Builder statuses seem to be near-realtime, and I assume are the result of automated monitoring. I didn’t realize they were the only services with that level of reporting.)

Now I know!

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