GNOME GitLab blocked my email address

I cannot login to GNOME GitLab with my GitHub and GitLab accounts to file this bug for GNOME Tweaks, citing my preferred email (at 163 dot com) is not “an allowed email address”. I mailed the GNOME Website Development list (gnome-web-list) for follow-up.
Note: 163 dot com is the email suffix from the Chinese company NetEase; I have a different email address on Vivaldi Mail, but I choose not to use it.

Let’s copy in some Gitlab admins here: @csoriano @averi

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@mraandtux that domain is blocked due to the amount of spam we received from fake accounts. Mind sending me a private message so I can register your account manually please? Thanks.

Please send your email address to av AT gnome DOT org, thanks.

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