Gnome Files: transfer pop-up doesn't scale horizontally with font scaling

With font-scaling (I have set 1.20 in Tweaks), the text size becomes larger, but the width of the file transfer pop-up (I mean something like the screenshot below that I got from Google search) seems to remain the same. And the pop-up is not resizeable. The problem with that is the speed portion gets truncated on my PC, so I cannot see the transfer speed.

Shouldn’t the width get larger so that the transfer speed won’t get truncated? Or, can’t the speed be displayed in a new line below the “file count – time” line? Or at least, shouldn’t the pop-up be resizeable so that the user could widen it to see the speed?

Image: Not my system. From Google

See File operation progress modal/popup too small when font scaling factor is 1.25 (#2885) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab.

Thanks for the link to the existing issue. Seeing how it is a duplicate of a four-year-old issue, I guess it probably won’t be fixed anytime soon.

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