Gnome files / nautilus extensions question around file badges & documentation

Hi, I’m just dipping my toe into the world of gnome, and noticed historically users have written extensions (as googling shows some listed here: GNOME/Files - ArchWiki ) for Gnome Files.

Looking through some of them, they generally appear to just add context menu items or add some window-level information.

Can extensions written for Gnome Files (aka nautilus) can go as far as applying custom ‘badges’ to files & folders too? I’m interested in knowing if it’s possible to do what others have done on platforms like macos with custom badges to reflect status, such as say, git-annex-turtle

Furthermore, Is there an official place to find/contribute to documentation around extensions? I only saw the older ‘nautilus extension reference manual’

Yes, absolutely! nautilus-dropbox, for instance, does this extensively. In nautilus parlance, these badges are called “emblems”. The API includes a function nautilus_file_info_add_emblem().

There is an issue related to this:

Help is surely welcome both in getting documentation to be published and improving the content of the documentation itself.

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