Gnome-control-center DBus access

Hi all:

I see that gnome-control-center has some DBus remote control capabilities, which are used, for example, by gnome-calendar, to open it and show specific pages.

I want to ask where can I find the complete list of actions available. I see that gnome-calendar uses “Activate” from “org.gtk.Application”, to select the “Online accounts” page, but it even seems to be able to pass an specific online account ID…


You can call org.gtk.Actions.DescribeAll() to get a list of actions and their signatures, however you’ll still likely have to look into to source to see what values the signature refers to.

For example, the action launch-panel has a signature of (sav), which I would assume is a panel name (e.g. "online-accounts") and an list of parameters to pass through. What those parameters do is probably dependent on the panel, etc.

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