GNOME conference attendance for 2019

We have Free Software and Linux Days 2019 in Istanbul (

Expected to be held in May. We had some nice presence last year with a booth, and multiple talks. (

Update: The date is set (although not announced yet). It will be held on May 11-12.


It looks very interesting :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!


Here are some conferences in Asia, maybe GNOME people would like to come.

Still waiting for GNOME.Asia dates

Hi @cho2

We discussed for FOSS ASIA but due to other conferences happening around that time we won be able to attend it.

Thank you for your suggestions,

No problem, maybe next year. Thanks

What’s the requirements for applying for funding to attend these? I’d like to get to a GNOME conference and actually meet people IRL but most of those are a long way from Australia.

Hi @mjog

Here is a part of our document on the requirement to apply for funding:

== Who can request funds? ==

Anyone can request funds for GNOME-related events and outreach efforts. You do not need to be a GNOME Foundation Member, since we would like to encourage growth in new places all over the world. Organizing events and helping us do outreach is actually a great way for you to become a GNOME Foundation Member, so even if you’re a newcomer to the community, don’t let that stop you from requesting funds if you need it.

== What kind of funding requests are covered? ==

These funds are set aside in order to help GNOME grow its contributor and user base, as well as to help our existing community feel connected and engaged. Since we have a limited budget, we cannot approve all requests and may refuse some funding requests or make partial approvals.

Here are some of the things that qualify for Engagement funds:

  • A GNOME-related event you will be hosting

  • GNOME-related marketing activities or items

  • GNOME-related outreach activities

Early next week we will post a full document (we are still working on it) on every step you can take to apply get funded.
I will paste the link here for as well.

Please let me know if you have any question,


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Adding this here, so I don’t forget.

All Things Open, Raleigh, NC. October 13 - 15

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Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for that doc!

Here is the updated document:


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Any chance all of these events get added to what has been so far the canonical source for this type of information, the Events wiki page? :smile:

The idea is to put in events and conferences that our presence is confirmed.
In the list above we might not be able to attend each one, but it will serve as a page where at least we have a list of potential conferences.

It would be great if we can get some volunteers to man these booths, but also submit talks. It’s really important that we get out there and talk about GNOME technology, the GNOME and GTK platform so that we can get contributors and more users. Propagation folks!

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Hey All,

Talking about events, if someone is attanding any event talking for GNOME or being part of the booth please ping me and I will add it to our calendar.

Also, taking some pictures would be great for our social media and Annual Report :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:


We have a danish open source summercamp everey year in July (week 30) , held in Sealand, Denmark.

Next event: 18th - 24th july 2020.