Gnome Calendar Issue

I’m a bit noobish of a Linux user. I’m on Solus OS with Budgie and they use the Gnome calendar. I’ve connected my Google calendar to Gnome calendar and it almost works fine. There’s one issue: Any event that is (1) reoccurring and (2) an all day event … it takes up every day on my calendar.

For example, on this calendar [] I have “Print Bank History” on November 1st. It then shows up on November 2nd through 30th and if I click on the event it says the dates are 12/01/20021 to 12/01/2021 [] even though this is illustrating calendar events in November.

Anyhow, if anyone can come up with some suggestions, I’d be grateful. I’m not a Linux pro and couldn’t find anything about any of these anywhere online. Thank you!

This obviously is a bug, but it might be a bug that has already been fixed. There have been several bug fixes for recurring events in the past couple of releases. Unfortunately Solus is refusing to update gnome-calendar and it is stuck at 3.34. So what you can try instead is to uninstall the Solus provided package and instead install gnome-calendar from Flathub: Flatpak—the future of application distribution

Since the gnome-calendar process remains running in the background after closing the window, make sure to kill the process so that after installing the Flatpak version the next time you open it that version will be used. You can confirm this using the version number in the about dialog.

If the issue persists with the latest version, I would suggest filing a bug report in the gnome-calendar issue tracker and attach an .ics file with an appointment that triggers this issue: You can use Evolution to store events as .ics files. Just make sure with a text editor that there is no information in that file that you don’t want to be public.

Bug is fixed in the Flathub version. Thanks for the advice!

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